Top Cars that Earn the Econobox Designation

France is not primarily known for its automotive industry. When it does make cars, it is likely to make little city cars, quite sleek in design but not necessarily top in performance. Some individuals like them, some tend not to. The truth is that oftentimes there are better alternatives available. That is certainly not to say that no good cars have ever come out of France, however. In fact, the country continues to be responsible for a lot of great cars.

1. Citroen DS

The DS is certainly a polarizing vehicle – most people either adore it or hate it. Surely, in its native France the DS is beloved and considered an automobile of the people. In other parts around the world, though, the DS receives more mixed reactions and almost all of them are due to the design. It is far from bad in any way, but it is completely different. Like other great French cars, the best way to describe the look of the DS is avant-garde.


2. Citroen 2CV

Everything said about the DS applies 10 times more on the 2CV. Again, some people consider it a bit ugly but it played for France the role that the Beetle played for Germany. Although it is not everyone likes the way it looks, they cannot deny its important legacy.


3. Bugatti Veyron

Including the Veyron on a list of French cars is controversial and confusing understandably. Here is why: originally, Bugatti was a French automaker, however the name causes some confusion because the founder, Ettore Bugatti, was an Italian located in France. Today Bugatti is owned by Volkswagen, a German group therefore the Veyron is simply part French, but it is considered to be one of the greatest cars ever made, just as if that wasn’t enough.


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