Take Your Colleagues Out to Lunch in a New Dodge

I’m not sure why I like showing off to my colleagues. I’m not cocky about it, but subconsciously or not I often slip in details of my ‘civilian life’ in order to gauge their reactions. I like to sky-dive, they always get a kick out of that. I love to hear them tell me how crazy I am and I wonder if they realize that thousands more people get injured in their cars every single day than people who get hurt sky-diving. I’m also a big foodie, meaning I seek out new and exciting foods. I guess in short, I’m always searching for new experiences and my comfort zone exists outside of other peoples’. For this reason, I love it when it’s my turn to suggest where we go for lunch and then take them there. This is in part cause I love to hear what they say about eating shabu shabu, but not half as much as I like to hear them marvel at how we get there. In order to maximize your experience in chaperoning office lunch, you’ll need a few things.
The right car
I drive a Dodge Dart hybrid. I love it for a number of reasons starting with the fact that it’s a hybrid. I generally get around 40 miles to the gallon, so right off the bat it’s a money saver. Not only that but just like its name implies, it darts through traffic with ease and grace. It is tremendously responsive to my piloting and it’s truly a joy to be in side of. This year, Dodge has a diverse and exciting lineup of cars, SUVs and trucks that there is something that will inspire anyone in your family, and especially in your office. I imagine that after a few rides in your new Dodge, your colleagues will start questioning you on the regular, fishing for clues on the best way to get one. Have them look online at either mcpeeksdodge.com or champion chrysler jeep dodge as they are both great resources for purchasing or test driving a Dodge in Southern California.


The right lunch destination
Remember when you interviewed for the job you made an effort to separate yourself from the crowd? You wanted to stand out and make an impression, so after whoever was hiring was done with all the interviews, he or she would remember you and only you. Treat lunch the same way. Do something unexpected. As I referenced before, I like to take the gang to something interesting. Just last week, because it was my choice, I took them all to shabu shabu, a Japanese style of food in which you make your own soup. At first my colleagues whined and wanted to get something obvious and run of the mill, but after sitting down and trying something new, they all thanked me. I think we’re going back next week!


Don’t talk about work
It’s important to keep work at work. Just like whatever happens in Vegas stays there, whatever happens at work should too. You have all morning and all afternoon to go over memos and statistics, so why not try to get to know one another? I’m always scanning the newspaper sites at work (shh! Don’t tell my boss) because I really like to stay informed with whatever’s going on in the world. That’s always a good jumping off point if I don’t know what we should talk about.


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