Cheap, Good Cars Coming Out in 2014

2014 looks to be a big year for cars as many anticipated new models are expected to make their debut. All major categories of vehicles will see notable additions, from exotic supercars to SUVs and family station wagons. Everyone looking to purchase something sensible and affordable in 2014 should keep an eye out for one of these cars.

1. Toyota Corolla

The 2014 model looks to make the Corolla more enticing than in the past, though the Corolla does not require a lot of help maintaining its popularity and selling over the top. The sedan will see its most radical makeover in over ten years. It is a bit bulkier in every direction, the styling is a lot more aggressive and more modern as well as the interior is far more spacious thanks to a longer wheelbase. Notable other additions are created which will also improve performance, although the engine of the Corolla will remain the same as before.


2. Fiat 500L

Many people love the looks as well as the spirit in the perky Fiat 500 but need to forego it in favor of something more spacious. Now they will likely not have two with the look of the 500L, a longer, more practical four-door version in the 500. Also 40% more interior room, though the new car comes not only with plenty of cargo space.


3. Nissan X-Trail

The third generation X-Trail will look to take a new place compared to its predecessors when it comes to an audience, basically looking to replace the Qashqai. It will make for a better city car, though it will lose a number of its ruggedness and 4×4 credentials. For more info upon it, check out Nissan Carlsbad.


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