Aston Martin Presents The Right Formula For A Car

Beauty and Power, Soul is not just the slogan for one of the most dynamic and exquisite marques now available, it is the very definition of an Aston Martin. Most accepted as the corporate ride for James Bond, as well as the wedding car for “Will and Kate,” it is probably the most desired car brands for the well-heeled. Aston Martin is the ultimate grand touring car, noted for its blistering speed, sumptuous luxury, and sensual styling. It doesn’t sound bad, either.

The usual customer for Aston Martin has long been the very wealthy. Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Ice T, Eddie Murphy, Daniel Craig, Elton John all have owned Aston Martins at some point or another. Ordinary people have been at a complete loss, unless you are crazy enough to buy the Cygnet, the mini Martin.

The Cygnet is the thing that happens when you dress up a Toyota/Scion IQ in fancy clothes. It has the coolest interior on a super-mini ever produced, as well as that evil looking Aston Martin grille. But, it is still a kid trying on one of Daddies’ suits. Buying one of these $50,000 dollar micro-minis is sure to cause you to the coolest tree-hugging hippie at the local Whole Foods.

Used Aston Martins are another animal entirely. For the layman, much like me, it is difficult to discern between a DB7 and the newer DB9. Both look amazing, therefore it is the details that basically count. Being a car nut, I am constantly browsing the used car markets for classic cars. Certainly one of my favorite is AA Cars. Using the search tools, I can find the best car, for the least money and with the lowest mileage.


Purchasing a used supercar is not to the faint at heart. Aston Martin, in addition to most other exotics are all hand-built cars. Maintenance and parts are outrageously expensive, but the payoff is in the driving. Nothing on the planet will seem like an Aston Martin, nothing looks like an Aston Martin, and the feeling you get driving it has to be a bit like being a rock star. I would say it is really worth the gamble.

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